Making a Difference
for Those We Serve

MedWatch works with TPAs/Administrators, Brokers, Reinsurers, Employer Groups, MGUs, and more in order to identify and manage risk within the plan population. MedWatch helps members understand their benefits and aids them in effectively navigating the health care system, allowing them to make informed decisions resulting in improved clinical and financial outcomes.


Our Values

MedWatch offers our clients the unique ability to deliver a truly thorough approach to concierge member advocacy and medical cost containment solutions that protect the financial integrity of the health plan as well as to improve the clinical health and medical outcomes for the member.

Through innovative and cost-effective solutions, MedWatch leverages health information, evidenced based medical criteria and care protocols to provide integrated, impactful, and appropriate services that are geared toward achieving the goals of the health plan and the benefit of the member.

This scope of integrated solutions reduces the need for multiple vendors and disjointed services. MedWatch provides clients with a true partnership that delivers services designed to function as integrated components tailored to their individual needs.



Our member advocates facilitate increased satisfaction with employee benefits by helping members understand and navigate their health plan in order to access the care they need when they need it.

Whether dealing with chronic or acute health issues, compassionate Registered Nurse Case Managers engage with members to guide them along the most appropriate care journey to achieve the best outcomes.

From member education resources like our Healthy Living newsletter to personalized one-on-one guidance and advocacy, MedWatch empowers members with the information and support they need to make confident healthcare choices resulting in improved outcomes and fewer financial surprises.

MedWatch provides personalized service and support to more than
1,500,000 Lives
with members in all 50 states


MedWatch’s scope of integrated solutions are designed to help health plans and payers mitigate healthcare costs while identifying options for the most appropriate care for their members.

Through our customizable solutions and proprietary technology, we offer health plans a comprehensive solution to improve the impact of their benefits, increase member satisfaction, and reduce unnecessary utilization and overall costs.

MedWatch supports over
3,200 Groups
with customized solutions


MedWatch provides solutions that aim to reduce the burden on plan administrators and TPAs, while maximizing financial outcomes, client retention, and quality of care for members.

By aligning excellence in customer service, advanced systems and powerful solutions we can optimize efficiency, reduce billing issues and prevent overpayment. Our team brings an unparalleled depth of experience to help administrators deliver innovative population health management, cost containment, and member advocacy solutions designed with their members in mind.

MedWatch partners with over
100 Payers
providing impactful solutions

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