Direct Contract & Bundled
Services: Greater Access.
Exceptional Savings.

Through direct contracting and bundled services, MedWatch helps members access quality care at significantly discounted rates.


Direct Contract Savings in Action

With MedWatch, groups can choose from millions of transparently priced medical and pharmaceutical services with reimbursement rates that are much lower than traditional PPO network or reference-based pricing models.

Bundle - Gallbladder Removal


Best Price from Local Hospital


All-inclusive Price from MedWatch Bundle

Resulting In


or 59% Savings for the Plan

Direct Contract - Transplant


Transplant Claims Billed


MedWatch Direct Contract Rate

Resulting In


or 92% Savings for the Plan

Pharmaceutical Savings – High-Cost Specialty Drugs*


Average Adenocarcinoma Infusion


Average MedWatch Adenocarcinoma Infusion

Resulting In


or 67% Savings for the Plan

*Savings based on Keytruda injections administered every 3 weeks for the course of one year.

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