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At MedWatch, we run our business on good character, loyalty and partnership.


MedWatch Value Proposition

MedWatch offers our clients the unique ability to deliver a truly thorough approach to concierge member advocacy and medical cost containment solutions that protect the financial integrity of the health plan as well as  to improve the clinical health and medical outcomes for the member.

Through innovative and cost-effective solutions, MedWatch leverages health information, evidenced based medical criteria and care protocols to provide integrated, impactful, and appropriate services that are geared toward achieving the goals of the health plan and the benefit of the member.

This scope of integrated solutions reduces the need for multiple vendors and disjointed services. MedWatch provides clients with a true partnership that delivers services designed to function as integrated components tailored to their individual needs. 

MedWatch’s depth of staffing and expertise in all areas including Pathways Concierge, Member Advocacy, URAC Accredited Health Utilization, Case, and Disease Management, assure clients that services provided are upheld to the highest quality standards and focused to achieve optimal clinical and financial outcomes

MedWatch: The Right Choice for assuring the Right Care at the Right Time in the Right Place for the Right Cost.


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