MedWatch Infusion and Oncology Solution a Game-Changer in Healthcare Savings

Lake Mary, FL – MedWatch, a leading provider of population health, medical management, and cost containment solutions, has elevated cost savings related to high-cost infusion and oncology treatments for their clients. MedWatch clients have saved hundreds of thousands on costly treatments that include professional services, high-cost oncology, infusion, and auto-immune drugs by accessing all-inclusive, contracted services with costs that average 150% of Medicare.

The High-Cost Infusion and Oncology Treatment Solution offered by MedWatch has been a financial lifeline for many of their clients. By optimizing treatment plans, streamlining processes, and ensuring the appropriate plan language is in place, members have no out-of-pocket expenses and no balance billing while plans save tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars on treatments.

MedWatch recently hosted a joint webinar in collaboration with their partner, benefitSMART, to spread awareness about the program’s savings potential, provide valuable insights into the program’s benefits, and showcase how it has positively impacted clients’ clinical and financial outcomes. A full replay of the webinar can be secured by reaching out to the MedWatch team.

MedWatch is excited to continue the conversation and share more details about this game-changing solution at the upcoming SIIA National Conference. MedWatch’s CEO, Sally-Ann Polson, will be speaking about this program, and other cost saving measures, at the Breakout Session, “Self-Insured Employer Strategies for Managing Oncology Care” on Tuesday, October 10 at 1:30 p.m. MedWatch’s sales and marketing team will be on hand throughout the event to discuss their comprehensive suite of programs aimed at enhancing clinical and financial outcomes for plans and plan members. Attendees are invited to visit their booth or reach out via the link below to learn more.

About MedWatch

Since 1988, MedWatch has become one of the comprehensive and sought after Population Health Management/Medical Cost Containment companies in the industry.  By truly partnering with clients and working together to identify the problems that negatively impact plans and plan members, MedWatch solutions help manage medical needs across the healthcare continuum mitigating risk and maximizing clinical and financial outcomes.

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