MedWatch Achieves Validation for Savings on Dialysis Claims

Lake Mary, FL – MedWatch, a full-spectrum care management company providing population health management and cost containment solutions to the self-funded health plan market, is proud to announce that it achieved Validation for Savings from the Validation Institute, with a proven solution that addresses high-dollar claims for dialysis services.

“We share the Validation Institute’s commitment to delivering stronger health outcomes at lower costs,” said Sally-Ann Polson, President and CEO of MedWatch. “With this Validation for Savings, specific to dialysis, we affirm our dedication to performing well above industry standards to provide plans and patients real savings and support.”

A rigorous review of MedWatch’s dialysis claims process by the Validation Institute’s team of epidemiologists and statisticians verified that our process resulted in overall savings averaging 89%. The initial step of performing a clinical line-by-line review of the claim resulted in up-front savings averaging 29% by identifying and removing unbundled and inappropriate charges! The MedWatch process is guaranteed to produce real savings and a repriced claim that is equitable to the provider and the plan. It is also 100% defensible and includes complete member support and advocacy for the life of the claim.

MedWatch’s Savings Certificate, valid through 2023, confirms that MedWatch delivers desirable results that are in the bottom tenth percentile for reimbursement, meaning 90% of reimbursements achieved by other venders are causing their clients to pay more than they should. The Validation Institute is aware of no other organization whose reimbursement for dialysis is lower than that of MedWatch.

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About MedWatch

Since being founded in 1988, MedWatch has evolved into one of the most trusted and respected Population Health Management/Medical Cost Containment companies in the industry by partnering with clients and staying ahead of industry trends. MedWatch solutions help manage medical needs across the healthcare continuum for over 1.5 million lives nationwide, mitigating risk and maximizing clinical and financial outcomes. An extensive suite of comprehensive services provides an integrated and simplified pathway that minimizes potential disconnect and member disruption that can often be caused when multiple provider relationships are involved. To learn more about MedWatch and our solutions, visit:

About Validation Institute

Validation Institute is a professional community that advocates for organizations and approaches that deliver better health value – stronger health outcomes at lower cost. We connect, train, and certify health care purchasers, and we validate and connect providers delivering superior results. Founded in 2014, the mission of the organization has consistently been to help provide transparency to buyers of health care.